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Injury On Duty Claims


Attention Service Providers!

Claims for patients that have been injured on duty are paid by the South African Police Service (SAPS) and not the Compensation Commissioner. You will therefore not experience problems with the payment of your accounts if you submit them to SAPS.

We wish to encourage you to treat SAPS members for any injury on duty and guarantee that you will not have to wait for payment or experience any claims reversals.

If an injury is sustained while a member of the police services is on duty, an IOD claim needs to be completed by his/her service provider.


  • The member reports the injury to his/her Commander immediately or alternatively within 24 hours after sustaining the injury. If he/she is unable to give a report, a colleague must do so on behalf of the injured member.
  • The Commander completes a WCL2 form (employer’s report), of which part B is submitted to the treating service provider.
  • The treating service provider completes a WCL4 form (first medical report) AND/OR WCL5 form (progress/final report).
  • The service provider is required to attach a copy of both the WCL2 and WCL4 forms, together with each account that is submitted to the South African Police Service IOD Head Office (it is recommended that the service provider keeps copies of both the WCL2 and WCL4 forms, together with the injured member’s medical notes, for future reference). The Head Office will notify the service provider if the application is unsuccessful and give reasons.
  • The Head Office submits the service provider’s account, together with the WCL2 and WCL4 forms, to the SAPS’ Finance Department for payment of the account.
  • Remember that the Compensations Commissioner approves benefits subject to the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act rules. It is essential that service providers who treat IOD patients familiarise themselves with these rules, especially in terms of the number of consultations allowed for physiotherapy and psychotherapy.

Click below for an overview of the POLMED Injury on Duty (IOD) process:
Injury on Duty (IOD) process

Important Contact Numbers

SAPS IOD Human Resources Department:

 Tel: 012 393 2727/2941/2979

SAPS IOD Finance Department:

 Tel: 012 393 1947/4409/4461

SAPS Medical Boards:

 Tel: 012 393 1501/2796