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Provider communication


Provider communication

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Please click below for important information regarding the Scheme’s benefit changes for 2019:
POLMED’s year-end communication from the Principal Officer

POLMED open pharmacy network

POLMED has established an open pharmacy network for the provision of acute, chronic and over-the-counter (OTC) medication. The open pharmacy network will give POLMED members access to more pharmacies than those included in the network thus far. To view the list of network pharmacies, please click here. POLMED has agreed dispensing fees with the network pharmacies. A 20% co-payment will be levied in the event of members voluntarily utilising an out-of-network pharmacy.

Please note: Medication included in POLMED’s formulary will be funded in full, subject to the availability of the member’s funds. Voluntary use of non-formulary products will result in a 20% co-payment payable by the member.

POLMED hospital network

POLMED’s hospital network has been extended for 2019 and will be applicable to both the Marine and Aquarium plans. The POLMED hospital designated service provider (DSP) includes hospitals with a national footprint. For further information on POLMED’s hospital network, please click here.