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Oncology Programme

Oncology Management Programme

POLMED offers a comprehensive Oncology Management Programme to provide support to our members who have been diagnosed with cancer. The primary function of the Programme is to pre-authorise oncology treatment and to interact with oncologists regarding treatment plans for cancer patients.

The programme includes:

  • Review of the proposed cancer treatment
  • Contacting oncologists to request additional information
  • Informing you and your oncologist which of the proposed treatment(s) will be paid for by the Scheme
  • Providing reasons if the Scheme will not pay for any of the requested treatment
  • Providing information on oncology benefits
  • Counselling
  • Hospital authorisation for cancer-related admissions

Members who have been diagnosed with cancer are encouraged to register on the Programme. Once registered, an Oncology case manager will help the member understand the processes to be followed, explain the benefits available, and provide other support and information.


  • Pre-authorisation is required for all oncology treatment and procedures.
  • The Scheme’s designated service provider (DSP) for oncology is the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON). Should your condition be managed by a non-ICON doctor, a co-payment will apply.

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