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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims

In the unfortunate event that you or your dependants are involved in a serious motor vehicle accident (MVA) that requires you to receive medical attention, the following steps should be followed to ensure the efficient processing of your claims:

  • POLMED will inform Batsumi of your accident and their offices will contact you.
  • In terms of POLMED’s rules and regulations you are required to institute a claim with the Road Accident Fund.
  • Batsumi will request you to provide them with a letter of undertaking signed by you and an attorney. This letter confirms that both parties undertake to reimburse the Scheme for medical expenses relating to the accident in the event that the Road Accident Fund rules that you are to be reimbursed.
  • The draft letter of undertaking is available from Batsumi. Please see their contact details below. Alternatively you may download it from this website. On the home page select the tab ‘FORMS, on the drop-down list select ‘Manage Care (Medical)’ and then ‘Letter of Undertaking (MVA)’.
  • Completed letters must be sent back to Batsumi via email at or fax to 0866 820 436.
  • On receipt of the undertaking, the Scheme will process all accounts in accordance with the rules of the Scheme.
  • On finalisation of the claim, you and your attorney must provide Batsumi with the total amount equal to any advances the Scheme made in favour of you or your dependants, together with a copy of the discharge document, as provided by the Road Accident Fund.
  • Batsumi can refer you to an attorney appointed by the Scheme who specialises in third-party claims.

For any MVA process-related queries, contact Batsumi on 012 431 9700.