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Membership Application

You may register any of the following as your dependants, provided you are liable to them for family care and support and they are not members or dependants on another medical scheme:

  • your spouse
  • your life partner – whether the same gender or not
  • your children – whether natural, stepchildren, adopted or foster children (child dependants may remain registered as your dependants up to the age of 30)
  • your biological father and/or mother
  • your mother-in-law or father-in-law.


What documents are required to apply for membership?

Serving member (principal member)

  • Application for membership form
  • Letter of appointment
  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of income (salary advice)
  • Copy of most recent bank statement or stamped letter from the bank confirming banking details

Adult dependants

  • Application for registration of dependant form
  • Copy of ID
  • Membership certificate from previous medical scheme, if applicable
  • Spouse: Copy of marriage certificate or customary union certificate
  • Partner: Three affidavits – one for the member, partner and a witness – confirming co-habitation and financial dependency on the main member to be submitted annually
    Biological parents/parents-in-law: Proof of income and affidavit confirming financial dependency

Children (up to the age of 30)

  • Application for registration of dependant form
  • Copy of birth certificate/ID
  • Born out of wedlock: Affidavit confirming member is the biological parent of the child
    Legally adopted: Final adoption order
    Stepchild: Affidavit confirming child is the biological child of member’s spouse
    Student: Certificate of registration at registered tertiary learning institution to be submitted annually
    Disabled child over 21: Proof of disability supplied by a medical practitioner to be submitted  annually
    Unemployed child over 21: Affidavit confirming financial dependency to be submitted annually

Submit application to:

Post: Private Bag X16, Arcadia 0007
Fax: 0860 104 114

The process
Once the membership application form has been received, an SMS confirmation will be sent to the cell phone number on the application form. After processing is complete a membership card will be posted to the member when his or her membership has been activated.

Only the principal member and the dependants indicated on his or her membership card may use the card.

Click below to view a comprehensive list of the documents required when applying for membership:
Documents required when applying for membership