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Whistle-blowing is key in the fight against corruption and mismanagement, especially of members’ funds, and in strengthening transparency and accountability within POLMED and its external healthcare service providers.

If you suspect that you’ve discovered any fraudulent activity relating to POLMED, you can report it safely, easily and anonymously to the toll-free POLMED Fraud Hotline on 0800 112 811 or SMS 33490 or email us at or

Before dialling, please ensure that you have as much information as possible.

Check the following six golden points before contacting us:

  1. Full details of the suspected service provider or member;
  2. Dates and names;
  3. Organisations that are involved, including phone numbers and addresses (if relevant);
  4. Amount of money you think was lost;
  5. Documents and other written material; and
  6. Other information you think is helpful.