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Fight Back

How to fight back against medical scheme fraud
  • Keep detailed records of treatment you receive. Include all dates, locations, who provided the treatment, what services you received, and what medicine, supplies or equipment were provided.
  • Carefully review the billing and summary statements you receive after treatment. Are the treatment dates, doctor’s name, facility locations and medical services the same as you remember? Know what medical equipment and supplies your provider ordered as well.
  • Never sign any blank form.
  • Ask your healthcare service providers what price they charge and what you will have to pay for personally.
  • Avoid door-to-door or telephone salespeople who offer you free medical services or equipment.
  • Never give strangers your POLMED membership number or your ID number and other information, especially if they offer you cash or free gifts, treatment or equipment.
  • Know what your medical benefits are – what is covered and what isn’t.