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Eye Care (Optometry)

Eye Care (Optometry)
POLMED has a contracted eye care network managed by Preferred Provider Negotiators (PPN), which offers POLMED members the following:

  • Consultations
  • Clear spectacle lenses
  • Frames and lens enhancements
Five quick steps to simplifying your optical experience

1. Benefits enquiry
If you are unsure of your available eye care benefits or when it will become available, you can:

  • contact the dedicated PPN Customer Care Line on 0861 103 529, or
  • register to use the ‘member dashboard’ by visiting the PPN website at

Please note: For more information about benefits relating to ophthalmology or Specialists, you can contact POLMED by:

  • calling the POLMED Client Service Call Centre on 0860 765 633
  • downloading the free POLMED Chat app on your mobile device
  • logging in to the Member zone and click on the POLMED Chat widget/icon
  • referring to the current POLMED Guide to Your Health booklet.

Note: You do not require a referral by a general practitioner prior to a consultation with an Ophthalmologist.

2. Find an optometrist
To locate a PPN Optometrist in your area:

  • contact the PPN Customer Care Line on 0861 103 529
  • visit the PPN website at

3. Co-payments
PPN Optometrists charge PPN rates, which are up to 75% lower than the rates charged by Optometrists outside the PPN network for certain lens prescriptions.

You may visit an Optometrist that is not on the PPN network, but the account will be paid at the PPN rate. If the Optometrist charges more than the PPN rate, you will be liable for a co-payment.

Ask your Optometrist to provide you with spectacles within your optical benefit limit. If you are not happy with the price, ask for a written quotation and email it to PPN at for their opinion and advice.

4. Additional benefits
Any additional optometric benefit requests should be sent to PPN via email at together with a quotation and motivation letter. It will be forwarded to the PPN Motivations Committee for their opinion and input.

In-hospital pre-authorisation:
Should surgery be required to treat an eye condition, e.g. glaucoma, POLMED will issue the pre-authorisation. The treating Specialist or hospital contacts POLMED on the provider pre-authorisation number on 0860 104 111 or you call the POLMED Client Service Call Centre on 0860 765 633 to obtain authorisation prior to hospital admission.

5. Fraud
Report any fraudulent or suspicious activities via:

Confidentiality is assured at all times.

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